AdvProxyLog v1 is a proxy logfile parser and report list generator, based on the original code of IPCop Proxy Log. This add-on parse, filter and sort the access.log entries and show usefull info.

Report features of the AdvproxyLog add-on

  • Filter by month and day
  • Filter Cache Response Code (HIT, MISS, ...)
  • Filter by Client IP
  • Apply an Ignore Filter
  • Apply Match Criteria
  • Show Full Request URL
  • Sort (ASC and DESC) by:
    • Date/Time
    • Cache Response Code
    • Transaction Duration
    • Response Size
    • Request URL
  • Column in report
    • Date/Time
    • Source IP
    • Cache Response Code
    • Transaction Transfer Speed
    • Transaction Duration
    • Respose Size
    • Request URL
  • Export Log


  • Download the tar archive
  • Copy the tar archive via SCP to your IPCop box. Windows users can use WinSCP for this. Keep in mind that SSH must be enabled and you will have to use port 222 instead of 22.
  • Login as root on the console or via SSH. Windows users can use PuTTY for this.
  • chdir to the place where you put the archive
  • Extract the tar archive with the command:
    • tar -xvzf ipcop-advproxylog-1.0.2.tgz
  • install AdvproxyLog addon with the command:



  • Login as root on the console or via SSH. Windows users can use PuTTY for this.
  • chdir to the place where you extract the archive (/ipcop-advproxylog-1.0.2)
  • install AdvproxyLog addon with the command:


How to use

  • Open the Administration page in your browser
  • Go to "Logs" menu select "Advanced Proxy Logs"
  • Enjoy the AdvproxyLog reports!

Main Page Screenshot


Depending on the size of the log files, the selected report options and the speed of your CPU, it will usually take very short time for generating a report.
  • It doesn't modify any firewall rules.

  • It doesn't establish connections to external sites.

  • It doesn't install additional services, but it adds some binary files.
This software is free for personal and commercial use and is released under the GNU General Public License:

You are allowed to:

  • change code as long as you publish changes, who made changes and when it was changed

  • You have to give access to your changes (download) to any third-party. All changes are released under GPL too.
You are NOT allowed to:

  • remove any copyright information

  • soften or change copyrights
Please read the installation,usage, and faq section before send any question about the addon.

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