Available Addons

  • AdvProxyLog 1.0.2 Addon: Advanced Proxy Log v1 is a proxy logfile parser and report list generator, based on the original code of IPCop Proxy Log. This add-on parse, filter and sort the access.log entries and show usefull info.
    • 15 Apr 2014 - New Release 1.0.2 Available

  • Calamaris 3.0.1 Addon: This add-on integrates Calamaris into the IPCop 2.x.x GUI and gives you the ability to create customized, detailed, menu driven Proxy reports.
    • 15 Apr 2014 - New Release 3.0.1 Available

  • UpdxlrLog 1.0.0 Addon: UpdxlrLog v1 is a Log Viewer for the famous "Update Accelerator" Addon. The log viewer allow to show, filter and sort the entry of the cache.log Update Accelerator file.
Please read the installation,usage, and faq section before send any question about the addon.

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